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Why Is Your Heater Not Warming Up?

When the temperature is freezing, the most important thing you need is your heating system. If this heating system breaks down, it can cause great inconvenience and discomfort until a professional shows up. However, not all heating problems are serious and require professional help. Some minor ones can be solved easily by a homeowner just with some basic DIY tips. For matters that do require professional help, contact the experts at Wylie Mechanical for furnace service and repair in Cornwall ON.

Reasons Why your Heating System Might Have Stopped Working and What you Should Do Next

  • Thermostat Issues

When your heating system is not warming up, the thermostat could be the reason behind this. The first thing to do when your heating system is not working is to check the thermostat and ensure it is set correctly.

  • Dirty or Clogged Filters

A dirty or clogged filter is the root cause of numerous heating problems you may face. It can lead to overheating, insufficient airflow, low efficiency, and high energy bills. It is why experts always recommend keeping a check on these filters, and whenever you find the filters dirty or clogged, replacement should be done.

  • Gas Valve is Turned Off

Your furnace won’t work if the gas valve is turned off. So when you are getting no heat from your furnace, ensure that the gas valve is on before you call a professional. To do this, you need to trace the gas line to the meter, and there you will see a handle to the gas pipe; if it is perpendicular, turn it to make it parallel.

  • Clogged Drain Lines

When your heating is on, your furnace drains off gallons of water every day. If the sediment or mold growth gets filled inside the drain lines, your furnace will stop working. So remember to check on the drain hose and if you find it dirty, remove it and fill it with a mixture of water and bleach and flush it out after several minutes.

  • Blocked Ducts

If you find out that your furnace is on, but one or two rooms are cold while others are getting proper heating, you have a ductwork problem. You should go and check the ductwork you can access and search for any gaps in your ducts. If you find any gap, seal it with metal duct tape only.

  • Dirty Chimney Exhaust Flue

Birds or debris may enter the chimney exhaust flue, making your furnace stop working. You should go and dismantle the duct to check for birds and debris, remove if you find any, and reassemble the ducts.

  • Blocked Exhaust Vents

Leaves and debris can block the intake or exhaust of your furnace as it vents outside the house. So you should keep exhaust vents clean and remove any leaves and debris. Calling a professional would be best if you notice ice clogging the pipes.


If your furnace has been troubling you lately, it is time to call the professionals for furnace service in Cornwall, ON. At Wylie Mechanical, you can get any service you need from highly skilled experts at competitive prices.