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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking And How To Fix It

A leaking air conditioning unit almost always points to a mechanical issue due to poor maintenance. Condensation is a byproduct of cooling produced by air conditioners, but when dirt or debris obstructs its drainage, flooding or leaking may happen inside or outside the air handler.

Causes of Air Conditioner Water Leaks and What You Can Do to Fix Them:

Unclean Air Filters

Air conditioners have to work harder because of a dirty filter. This additional stress makes it difficult for oxygen to reach the evaporator coils, which can result in the coil freezing if the required heat is not taken in. For best results, replace your air filters once a month. A clean air filter will enhance the air quality.

Drain Line Blockage

An air conditioner cannot empty any drain pans properly if the drain line is clogged. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to clear the blockage, but doing so incorrectly could damage parts of the HVAC unit.

Disconnection of the Drain Line

Your air conditioner will leak water due to a broken drain line! The drain pan directs water into the drain line, but the broken connection causes the water to leak throughout the house rather than take it outside.

A Rusted Drain Pan

If the drain pan on an older unit is rusted, the dripping water may not be able to reach the condensate line. A leak may result if the water flow is obstructed by damage to the drain pan. If the issue is not resolved after replacing the drain pan, you can call an HVAC technician to identify the issue.

Ice on the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil eventually reaches its limit. Instead of cooling hot air and improving indoor air quality, the evaporator coils become dirty and slow down as coolant leaks into the unit. Without heat to absorb, it gets very cold until your air conditioner freezes and stops working. You must first turn off your air conditioning to repair a frozen coil and get air flowing again in your house.

Faulty AC Installation

If you installed the AC incorrectly, you will notice several problems. Water leakage results from poor installation and cannot be fixed using do-it-yourself tools like a long wire brush or a float switch. If not properly drained, standing water under your unit can ruin the ceiling. To get proper AC installation in Cornwall, ON, get in touch with one of our professionals at Wylie Mechanical.

Rely on Wylie Mechanical for All your Air Conditioner Repair Needs

The HVAC system won’t regulate airflow properly in your house if it is too large or too small and water dripping from your AC unit is never a good sign, no matter what. Thankfully, Wylie Mechanical’s air conditioning experts can help.

Give us a call so we can examine the system and determine what can be done. We’ll be happy to inspect your unit, determine the source of the leak, and restore your system to working order. Contact us at (613) 701-2030 today or schedule an AC installation in Cornwall, ON