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Simple Ways To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter


Ensure that your furnace is energy-efficient, functional, and safe to use before the winter season. Nobody wants to turn on their appliance on the first cold day only to discover it is not working.

Many things can happen during the summer that may affect your furnace. That is why it is necessary to reset the system before the arrival of winter. Here is a breakdown of a few tips on furnace service in Cornwall, ON that will help you stay warm during the winter.

6 Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

  • Schedule Furnace Maintenance Ahead of Time

HVAC service companies
may remain busy during the onset of the winter season. That is why you must schedule furnace maintenance for the cold weather ahead of time.

Hiring professional services to clean and service your heating system is the best way to save money. You can be sure that the professionally cleaned system will work efficiently for a longer time.

  • Inspect and Change the Furnace Filter

You may have air filters behind a ceiling or in the vent grill of a wall. A few HVAC systems also operate with a single filter. It is advisable to change the filters every few months.

However, if you have a permanent electrostatic filter, wash it and reuse it. Cleaning and replacing the filters will keep dust particles out of the HVAC system and increase its life cycle.

  • Change the Thermostat Temperature

Confirm if your thermostat is in good condition when doing a furnace repair in Cornwall, ON. You can start the process by switching the appliance’s temperature from cold to heat.

Try to set the temperature a few degrees higher than the room temperature. Check the wire connections, furnace fan, blower, or heat pump if your room temperature does not change. Call a professional to check the system if you are unsure about the underlying problem.

  • Inspect the Furnace Chimney

Check for any obstructions in the furnace’s chimney, such as debris or bird nests. Try to inspect if there is a significant soot build-up in the chimney. Chimney obstructions can be a dangerous fire hazard. If you require assistance, call our professionals for furnace repair in Cornwall, ON, to clean the chimney and reset your furnace.

  • Oil the Furnace Blower

Ensure that all components of the furnace are in good condition when preparing for winter. The furnace blower plays a significant role in the effectiveness and efficiency of the heating system. That is why you must oil the appliance at least once a year to help improve its overall performance and prevent unwanted noises that disrupt the system.

  • Check the Heat Exchanger

Check and clean the heat exchanger by brushing and vacuuming it to reset the furnace before it faces any issues. A blocked heat exchanger may lead to carbon monoxide leakage inside your home. That is why you must seek assistance from our professionals to repair the appliance.


Are you looking for professional furnace service in Cornwall, ON? Visit Wylie Mechanical now. We are a team of experienced, licensed HVAC technicians specializing in furnace installation, maintenance, and inspection. Call us at (613) 701-2030 today for all your heating needs.