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Signs of a Bad Gas Valve in Your Furnace

A prevalent problem faced by gas furnace owners is the damaged gas valve. While it could be tempting to replace or test the valve yourself, it isn’t the best option. If you try to replace or test the gas valve, you can exacerbate the issue by causing further damage to the furnace.

Signs that Point to a Malfunctioning Furnace Gas Valve

  • No Heat from the Furnace

The most obvious sign of a malfunctioning gas valve is that your furnace ceases to produce heat. Because your gas furnace needs gas to function, the system will shut down entirely if gas isn’t present. If your furnace isn’t producing heat or making noise, it might be due to the damaged gas valve. Therefore, contacting one of our qualified technicians for furnace repair in Cornwall is recommended to ensure that the issue is resolved.

  • Gas Leak

Another surefire sign of a defective gas valve is the presence of gas. If you can smell gas within your home or around it, you might have a gas valve that is not working correctly. This is a severe problem, and you must be proactive to protect yourself and your family.

The first step is to go out of the house and keep the doors open when you go out, allowing gas to escape from the home. Next, call the emergency line to report a gas leak when you’re away from home.

  • Continuous Furnace Cycle

A lack of gas flow from the valve could cause your furnace to remain running for a long time. In the absence of enough gas to fuel burning, your furnace won’t produce enough heat to meet the temperature settings for your thermostat. The thermostat will continue to communicate with the furnace to keep it on.

At some point, this may result in the blower motor overheating. If your furnace won’t shut off and is still blowing room-temperature air, you should switch it off and call one of our professionals to assist with furnace service in Cornwall.

Reasons Why a Gas Valve Could Fail

Gas valves regulate the flow from the supply line to the heating system. There are many reasons why the valve might not function correctly. The valve may be worn out or damaged by submersion or basement seepage. In other cases, one of the electronic gas ignition parts or a problem with the safety circuit might be the cause.

The thermocouple may be damaged if your furnace has an active flame. Gas valves in furnaces can fail to close and open quickly as they age. Sometimes, cleaning or fixing them during furnace service in Cornwall will restore their function, but replacing them is the only option if it does not work. 

Bottom Line

Testing and replacing the damaged gas valve on your furnace is one job you should give to experts. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to replace or repair your gas valve and adequately set up maintenance programs that keep the system running efficiently throughout the year.

If your furnace isn’t functioning correctly, or you’d like to have it inspected by a certified professional, the HVAC experts from Wylie Mechanical can help. Contact us at 613-701-2030 or email us to set up an appointment for furnace repair in Cornwall