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How To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter?

Your heating system puts in a lot of effort every year to keep you warm and comfortable on cold winter nights. Before winter arrives, take care of furnace service in Cornwall, ON, to keep it operating faultlessly and efficiently to guarantee your family’s safety and comfort.

Tips to Get the Heating System Ready for Winter

  • Switch Out the Filters

You’re overstressing the entire system if you don’t change your HVAC filters regularly. That’s because your furnace needs to work harder to pull air through clogged filters since they fill up with lint and other debris. Change the filters at least once every 3-4 months or more frequently, and 1-3 months if you have pets, to avoid frequent furnace repairs in Cornwall.

  • Check your Thermostat

When your furnace doesn’t turn on, please don’t wait until it’s cold outside to find out why. Set the thermostat 4-5 degrees above the room’s temperature and test it by switching from cooling to heating well before the weather changes.

  • Cover the Air Conditioner Condenser

Cover the exterior condenser unit once autumn has progressed enough for you to turn off your air conditioning. Use a large piece of plywood or trash can lid secured with bungee cords. This will shield it from ice and falling debris.

  • Maintain your Chimneys

You should have a professional clear out your chimney yearly during furnace service in Cornwall, ON since flammable chemicals can accumulate there. Even if you don’t use your gas or oil furnace to burn wood or coal, you should still have the chimney checked periodically for corrosion, animal activity, or carbon buildup.

  • Check your CO Detectors

Your last line of protection against this silent killer is your carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they are appropriately positioned, at least five feet off the ground, and test them each fall season.

  • Examine the Igniter Switch

Be careful to test the igniter switch once a year, whether your system uses a pilot light or a more recent electronic igniter. Observe the directions in the owner’s manual for your device.

  • Maintain your Blower Motor

You should consult your owner’s manual if your blower motor requires routine cleaning and lubrication. If so, instructions on how to open the cover, clean, and grease the bearings should be provided. In most cases, you must take off the cover, clean the bearing caps, take off the caps, and lubricate the bearings.

  • Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Every year as part of your heating tune-up, the heat exchanger in your furnace needs to be cleaned. A technician will gently dust and vacuum the heat exchanger before turning off the furnace.


These short, simple tasks can help ensure that your furnace runs all winter efficiently. To avoid any potential issues, put your mind at ease and enlist the assistance of a skilled expert to complete a thorough system examination.

A professional HVAC company like Wylie Mechanical should be contacted to schedule a heating maintenance visit every fall. Make sure your heater is prepared to withstand the cold weather. Call us at 613-701-2030 or leave us an email to schedule an appointment for furnace repair in Cornwall