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How To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

AC is helpful to us in many ways. AC gives us relief, refreshes our minds, and provides a soothing atmosphere during summer. Before using your AC in the summers, you need to get it ready. It is recommended to adhere to some guidelines before using your AC to keep it efficient during summer.

If you take care of the following steps, you will not have to look for the air conditioner repair near me in the middle of summer.

Get Rid of The Dirt On AC Filters

Clean the grime on AC filters to avoid blockage and low airflow during its usage. Air filters and condenser coil both require cleaning once every three months. You can either wash them if the filters are reusable, or you can also replace the air filters and the condenser coil.

Inspection of Refrigerant And Outdoor Unit

Carefully inspect the possibility of refrigerant leakage. Check the condition of the outdoor unit and insulators. Ensure the main electric connection and wiring are accurately fixed and not lost to avoid the circuit breaker tripping.

Make The Drain Line Free of Blockage

Flush the drain line with chlorine bleach and water. You can also use a brush to unclog the drain pipes. Cleaning the AC drain pipes prevents water blockage and foul odor.

Test The Thermostat And AC Remote

As the weather is about to change, the thermostat setting also needs a change. Set the temperature as required. Test the AC remote whether they are working or not. Keep extra remote batteries with you if you don’t want to tolerate a hot day without AC due to a dead remote.

Get AC Servicing Done Before Summer

According to the experts, AC needs servicing at least twice annually. Get the servicing of your air conditioning done just before summer for effective cooling in less energy consumption. Go for a trusted AC repair company like Wylie Mechanical. We provide AC maintenance and repair in Cornwall with a service satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to the given useful tips, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Check the indoor and outdoor unit parts to replace the damaged or broken ones.
  • You can use a condenser coil cleaning spray when the debris is hard to remove.
  • Wipe and clean the blower fan.
  • Oil the motor if needed.
  • Make sure all the bolts of the AC are tightly fixed after reassembling the parts.
  • Don’t forget to shut off the AC system before performing the given steps.

Wait till the filter and other washed parts get completely dry. Then turn the AC ON, re-set the thermostat settings, and verify whether your AC is working efficiently or not.

Are You Still Facing Issues With Your AC?

Even after following all the guidelines, if the problem continues, don’t panic. Contact us 613-701-2030 to get it fixed on time. Wylie Mechanical is a licensed HVAC system service provided by experienced technician Randy Wylie. To get the top-quality AC service, book an appointment with us now. Click here to book an appointment.