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4 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

When the air circulation through your home is interrupted and rooms are sealed off, prevalent central air conditioning problems happen. Furthermore, other recurring issues with installed air conditioning devices usually get induced by faulty setup, poor service processes, and insufficient maintenance. 

An inappropriate air conditioner installation can contribute to a leaky duct system and low airflow. The coolant charge (the amount of coolant in the system) frequently does not meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, it is prudent to get the air conditioner installed accurately and call experts timely for your AC service in Cornwall.

Four Most Prevalent Air Conditioning Problems:

Below are some of the most prevalent air conditioning concerns. 

The Air Conditioner is not Working at All

When your air conditioning device unexpectedly shuts down (no air blowing, motor not operating, etc.), you can do a few aspects to diagnose the problem and fix the issue before calling in an HVAC expert. 

First, check the battery cells in your thermostat. Regularly changing device batteries is an easy-to-forget domestic chore, and thermostats are easily ignored due to their “set it and forget it” functionality. Replace the batteries if they are dead. Then, verify that it is set to “cooling” and the desired temperature or rebuild the circuit breaker on the air conditioner. 

Your Air Conditioner is Shooting Warm or Hot Air

Few things are more inconvenient than an air conditioning unit that only provides lukewarm air. Before you do anything, double-check that your thermostat settings haven’t been accidentally changed. If your configurations are correct, the first thing you should do is replace your air filter. In addition, old, clogged air filters frequently cause AC problems such as frozen coils.

If the air filter is not the issue, you may be low on coolant. Feel the bigger of the two copper cables that lead to the unit’s condenser to see if this is the case. 

You Have a Leaking Unit

Air conditioning systems are anticipated to leak some fluid and condensate, but excessive leaking indicates various problems with varying solutions. The condensate line is easily clogged. Unclogging is simple enough for a do-it-yourself (DIY) fix, but follow the user manual. 

Your Air Conditioner is Extremely Loud

You should be able to sense your air conditioner working but not have to hear it. If your air conditioning device sounds like it’s working hard to keep you cool, it likely is. Failing air conditioners make various sounds challenging for every homeowner to recognize or diagnose.

Screeching and squealing may indicate a faulty belt. On the other hand, rattling sounds could indicate a problem with the fans, engine, or compressors. So apart from verifying your thermostat and emptying debris from around your outdoor unit, it is also essential to seek professional assistance when your device makes loud noises. 

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